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Time to update............again .....

Journal Entry: Tue Oct 29, 2013, 10:09 PM
im not sure where to start.....possibly about what happens when i take care of kids for a while.............they think i'm married -_- and some arent behaving anymore....bleh this is a terrible start ill retry.........well ive had some odd dreams, had an awesome slumber party and it was Matt Smith's birthday yesterday which did inspired and awesome dream! ^^Happy Birthday Matt Smith

(happy late birthday Matt Smith ^^) Oh well i think i will start with the slumber party or the nerd shopping.....NERD SHOPPING. okay it was a Friday and Mira and Katie invited me to go nerd shopping, right as i get in the car Mira hands me money. paying me to be her friend LOL But we went in the mall, went to sears, game stop (Mira got a wii C: ) and a few games, then we went to the Hot Topic store where i bought some TARDIS socks and Mira bought me a Sonic Screwdriver.Mira bought Katie some MLP jacket. Mira bought a third Doctor shirt (It is really pretty) Then we went to the tea store (awesome pumpkin spice X) ) then we went to the Disney store and looked at all the awesome things that we couldnt buy because we spent all our money. Then we went to sears one more time, then we went to in and out. then walmart. Mira and katie begged their mom to have me spend the night but still the answer was no X( Their mom took me home and my parents hadnt got the mail yet (it was like 9 pm) so i went out and there was a little sonic screwdriver keychain that my mother got mad about that sunday. so i have a little sonic and a big sonic. C: im happy X)

NOW SLUMBER PARTY!! i invited four friends but only 2 came. Mira and Katie. i hoped only they would come and not the other two. i like Natalie and Abigal but it wouldnt be as fun. so getting ready we really hard (It was the time i found this video ) i made extra tea so i wouldnt run out but as i get to the car my tea spills (i still havent perfected carrying two drinks in my arms and not loose one of them) so i was sad, but then Mira comes and brings tons of tea. i felt much better and my spirits rose. Then My mother's spirits rose when Mira said she had an extension cord with her. (my mothers car broke down at papa murphys X( ) Mira cooked the dinner, we got scared being in a huge room alone, we heard a strange noise which was never explain and it made me SWEAR! (WHAT THE UNDERWORLD?!) Mira mad popcorn, she couldnt eat it after she saw Katie pick her toes. we watch Brave and Rise of The Guardians together. Katie fell asleep during Rise of The Guardians and Mira went to bed after Rise of the Guardians. i stayed up and watch Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium, i was debating whether to stay up all night but i got sick the last time i did that so i passed out while watch Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium (which indeed is STILL stuck in the dvd player XC) i woke up and Mira was cleaning the kitchen,our late night mess. She couldnt sleep. It was me on sleepovers at other people's homes except i dont clean. We all woke up around had to take mom to work around 6 am so we decided not to tell him we were up. we thought he would be tired. So he called us, told him we were up. he cleaned the van and took us out to Black Bear. I had oatmeal,Mira had biscuit and gravy katie had a milkshake,fries and I THINK a burger. we were infront of the tv watch CATERDAY! it was about tabby cats and Sphynx cats. i couldnt help but think of Cookie's big ears when i saw the Sphynx cats. Then after we ate we went back where are party was. Dad had to pick up mom shortly. So we were bored and went outside since Mira and i dont see it that often. So we were our normal selfs. WEIRD. then dad had to leave to pick up mom. Then Mira accidently sends to her dad "Frollo's parents are gone, we are going into town" her dad said "have fun" So we walked into town. at first we were going to the market. but i wanted to go to the stores. So we walked downtown and went into most of our favourite stores.(i bought a notebook and some chocolate) Mira and i had blisters on our feet and were exhasted on our way back. Parents texted me about where we were. told them we were coming back. we finally got there, mom hears us and walks outside.We wait for their parents for what seemed like 45 minutes. Her dad was talking about landing some starship that couldnt be landed.they wanted to invite me over to their house for a sleepover but their parents said no. but there was the addams family on that night PLUS i left my pillow down in my classroom and people were down there so i grabbed it while in pajama's and my BATHROBES! NOT BATHROOMS! wow >_> anyway one man saw me and idk if he saw what i was wearing. BUT IT WAS HILARIOUS!!!!!

 Oh so well i introduced my parents to Doctor Who Sunday. THAT WAS A NIGHTMARE O_O OKAY so i looked ahead on the bbc america schedule and i saw there was a DW Marathon plus the tenth doctor revisited! but i was really confused as to why the Doctor revisited was sooooo LONG ive seen a few and well...they were only about an just as the tenth doctor revisited came on mom came home. i was so nervous i felt like i would puke. I thought showing them Frollo as my favourite character was terrifying........this was ten times worse then then (YES I MEAN TEN!!!!!) So it started off nicely, showing picture of ten, David Tennant explaining, showing Rose, Martha,Donna (I KNEW MY PARENTS WOULD LIKE DONNA!) My nervousness wasnt calming down any but then this video comes on..... 

 i had just sent this video to my friends and what made me click on it was an epic picture that looked like this that i found in my messages! My mom began to ask questions, about how many Doctor's there was......and this calmed me down ALLOT until we got to the cybermen >_< got her freaked out what in the world am i watching face. yeah i hate that face, whenever that face up she gets all weird and makes her points about how can people watch this. Well Moffat came on and he wasnt making any bit of sense to me (well i was kinda distracted with worry and terror so...Then i hear "this are a few of my favourites from the modern doctor who series. IM LIKE OH MY GOSH! I KNOW WHY THIS IS SO LONG NOW!!!!!! i expected to see the end of time, i got semi prepared for that. but then it was Stolen earth and Journeys End. I was so glad that mom decided to take a nap, so all that was left was dad. He likes some sci fi, my grandma and his mother loved it. too bad she died :( so i had hoped he would like it somehow. at first it seemed like it. He started to mimic the Daleks. (exterminate!) and when he mimics that means he likes it. but he said he got more and more confused as the episode went along. i was so nervous i told him he would change the channel (this was around 5 when it started it the 10th doctor revisited ended at 8, and the end of time started at 8 and ended at 11. So dad was confused at Stolen Earth and Journeys End.Then mom wakes up just as the End of time was beginning. now i knew a few things that would scare my mother and freak her out 1. The Master coming back, 2. The Master Eating people.3. maybe the Master seeing the Doctor again in the junkyard 4.Timelords returning. And with this in mind I WAS COMPLETELY FILLED WITH FEAR O_O mom was confused and i knew it. So i asked her "do you want me to explain?" she said yes please do. so i did. i warned her about how i didnt like how the master return. she didnt seem to mind so i thought OKAY maybe she is tougher then i thought. i asked her if she wanted me to tell her what happened, she said no. so i thought (If you get scared thats your own darn fault >_>)Then it gets to the master eating people....she was getting that grossed and confused look on her face. i was like OH NO this will creep her out. so i walk over infront of the tv and i told her what happened. she got a grossed out face but then we continued to watch it. i was hoping they would it change it because my favourite part is near the end (When the doctor regenerates. plus having my parents watch a regeneration would be AWESOME!!!!!! :D) SO dad comes in and we eat dinner while watching DW (i dream i had X) ) So as we continued to watch it dad said "THE MASTER IS A NUT" When he means that he means he hates them. which i predicted and told Mira earlier. Then mom says "im not sure how a person could be obsessed about this show, like Mira who buys socks and t-shirts. i told her uh huh (i have to fake agree allot its hell) but in my mind i was like "yeah mom i cant understand how a person could get addicted to this stuff, its only my second favourite fandom after HoND! that all >_> So we continue to watch it, then it got to my favourite parts.The tenth Doctor's regeneration. His regeneration was actually a big part of what made me like the fandom. I love Vale Decem. The music was so beautiful! i listened to it all day on last year's thanksgiving trip! I later found out it was in latin, and HoND's choir sings just made me love the latin language more xP    Mom asked me "so wait IS HE DYING?!" I thought in my head "NO MOM He is just going around to his friends and past companions and saying "LOOK GUYS! IVE GOT ALL THIS RADIATION IN ME AND IM STILL HERE! LOL AT ME IM TAP DANCING!!!!!!! :D" -_- Then as Vale Decem is starting, and the Doctor is entering the Tardis i told this to my mom, "they are singing Farewell ten in Latin" she said TEN?! i said He is the ten doctor! (apparenty she didnt understand that from the TENTH DOCTOR REVISITED!)   Then as 11 comes on screen i tell them "THATS THE ELEVENTH DOCTOR! THE PRESENT ONE!! Though he will be leaving shortly too!" Then it soon went off the air and we watch Modern Twilight Zone. But mom asked me.....How Many Doctors are there, i told her already 11 SOON TO BE 12! Then she said is this an older episode? me: -_- NO this is from the modern series. Mom said I thought it was newer, Doctor Who has been on for a long time..... i said "almost 50 years" Mom "HAS IT REALLY BEEN THAT LONG?!: ME: OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WE HAVE BEEN TO BARNES AND NOBLES TO LOOK AD DW STUFF AND ALL OF IT SAYS DW 50 YEARS WRITTEN ALL OVER IT PLUS! DONT YOU REMEMBER SEEING THIS?!?!!?!? MY GOODNESS!!!!!!! DX   Then dad asked if this was the season finale, i told him it was A season finale not the PRESENT Season finale, though now that i think about it it was a Christmas special wasnt it? oh well i think i did well for someone who was about to explode ON THE INSIDE!!!!!! D: oh well perhaps i should move on to some dreams. 
Dream one. I had a dream previously before the Nerd shopping (as previously mentioned) We were driving through the woods and we got lost. we went inside this building which was half thrift store and half full of riches and antiques (but it was on entire store) we went wandering through everything THEY EVEN HAD DISNEY PLUSHIES! i looked through all of them and saw that i had all of them until i took a second look. One was an Esmeralda plushie. i grabbed it and i wanted to buy so i wandered around with them until i was able to buy it. unfortunately the dream ended before i could 'Buy it' i wish some dreams i could actually get the products i dreamt about. Like the dream about the Frollo plushie at my door left by Ballet Frollo.....*sigh* Oh well next dream i had a dream that i was Rose Tyer it started out with the ninth Doctor (it honestly felt like i was going throw the beginning series but the stories were different) i ws in the schooll building getting stuff out of my locker. i couldnt get my stuff and im waiting for the janitor to unlock it for me. so im waiting in this rocky area with a little waterfall. so i started to jump across the rocks. after a while things got shaky and i was beginning to loose my balance when the ninth Doctor grabbed my hand and whispered run. so we did we ran back up and ran past the entrance i came out of. The Doctor was trying to find a way out (because apparently the janitor was bad news ._O) but the only way out was to cross the rocks. so for a while we struggled and seem to be okay. (no perfect but enough to survive) apparently the water must have been deadly or something. but The doctor was helping me and pushed me across to a rock to save me from a boulder falling down. It hit most of him, though without lots of strong guys you couldnt get him out :( So i run to him trying to find a way to help him but he just looks (at what i thought was me) but he says "im stuck and im dying, i cant get need to take her" i was so confused to i looked behind me and IT WAS THE TENTH DOCTOR! so i slowly walked toward him (feeling really sad about nine &nbsp;:( ) but he grabbed my hand and we walked to the TARDIS i stared at poor nine until we left. that is where the dream ended :(
I had another dream with Frollo in it :) well it started out going to black bear with a friend who in real life doesnt exist. but she ran out of the restaurant i went chasing after her. well i could find her but i see this marching band playing in the parking lot. (i think this was inspired by video mom showed me about a marching band doing the moonwalk) but i finally get passed them and i see a rollar coaster ON BLACK BEAR!!! THE RESTAURANT!!!!!!!!!!! So i run in the line, there is this metal bar and people eating at little tables behind it. it went on the ride a few times. and the music on the ride WAS THIS!!!!!! 
 and when the music changed that is when i got off the ride, but i got off the ride once and the music didnt change......but then i see Frollo standing around where poeple were eating. i didnt know what he was doing here, i just saw him. so i run up to him and hug him. i was expecting what are you doing gypsy girl, do you know who i am blah blah blah and i would tell him yes I AM YOUR STALKER!!!!! :iconcreepysmileplz: But instead he looks down at me and he gives me fish lips FISH LIPS!!!!!!! at first i thought he was going to suck me up or something. but i left go and was beginning to think. WHO ARE YOU?!?!. very peculiar,especially for Frollo. (odd way to end a dream huh?) this reminds me of the dream where this 1,000 foot tree was one of the greatest rides they had there, but it was getting old and the amusement park was built around it. AND at the base of this tree was a restaurant (and the entrance to the ride) the ride was jumping off the the 1,000 foot tree and on the roof of the restaurant! (and the building was a normal height) YEAH THAT SOUNDS SAFE O_O OH THEN i had the dream about a Spanish person hating the FRENCH!!! Okay so it started out with some group offering trips to Japan. so i was excited the enitre trip and someone said you need some amount of money to get in. so i had 2 coins but they said they take nature and seeds and leaves. so i had some and kept it safe. so i payed and i went it. well  we werent in Japan. we were in spain and I was on this Spanish guy's ground and i saw him take in people and heard some screaming afterward. well i stayed around there for a few days and i heard him ask a question to everyone that came to his house. ARE YOU FRENCH? if you said YES he would take you in, be all nice at first then kill you. i saw him take on man in, he asked the question he said yes, he walked in i walked up i saw no (in all fear and terror but it was the honest truth) then he yells at me GET OUT OF HERE! then i hear and elevator SNAP and horrid screaming. Then im walk away and stay in the field for a few days. i hear someone else come up the guy comes out and asks the question, the guy says yes. and the spanish guy gets a huge knife chases the Frenchmans grabs him,punches him and puts the knife through his skull. it was so sad! those poor French people! >: ( but i was too terrified i couldnt do anything, it was time to go and the spanish guy had a field and i saw a scarecrow just hanging there and blood was dripping out. i felt so sad! but i went back on the bus and i got my leaves and seeds back. but no coins -_- and we took the ride back home. then i woke up. oh then i had a dream of the invisible creature that would eat you alive! (ive had this dream twice and it didnt change either time) anyway there were two people who helped save people from this monster (aka the whole world some people died though) but it was like THIS: This creature was on earth and there were scientists who wanted to see this creature from another planet for years but the couldnt get their hands on it. so after 5 years they get it and it after they get it it gets loose into the world. The entire dream was chasing it, and the creature was focused on this one person but they finally decided that if anyone was going to die it would be them and they wouldnt sacafice the entire world for it. there was a place that looked like a dentist waiting room and a black metal room that was just 1 door away. many people hid in there. for a test to see if it would hide the creature. but for 3 or 4 hours nothing happened. and one lady (the one this creature was mainly after) was on the phone with the lady who was trying to save the world. well the lady in the black room kept saying it was alright but then she was whiteish blue light (and if you see that that means the creature is going to eat you) but only one person can see that light one at a time. at times you would see a bit of its body and it looked like an invisible prisonor zero, Happy Birthday Matt Smith
 but the lady was crying and said thank you for trying but i need to face my fate. so she did. but after 4 days the creature did eat anyone. so everyone soon believed it was safe SO The lady and the guy (that were trying to save the world) Got married and had a kid and the last thing you see is the woman crying with baby pajamas and her husband right next to her trying to calm her down but he says "its back....its back" sooo the creature ate their baby. :( 
Okay last dream (this is the dream i had last night and the dream that was inspired by Matt Smith's Birthday) Mom and i were in this nerd store and im looking at DW figures. well i see all sorts of different figures here, but i see this one piece a tardis blue paper. It had Matt Smith's face on it (it looked exactly like thisHappy Birthday Matt Smith
 but it was completely TARDIS blue) and it said "Today is Matt Smith's birthday and only today were are making our prices of eleventh Doctor Stuff SUPER LOW" there was a Sonice Screwdriver (the big ones) ONLY FIVE DOLLARS BECAUSE OF THE SALE!!!!!!!!!! i love the picture i want to take a picture it it. but it took forever i finally got it about what seemed like 2 hours later.(i think that was inspired about me trying to take a picture of Ballet Frollo being terrified of his own HAND!) but whatever but i saw this package of figures. i couldnt see what it was since the paper was ripped off. so i asked the cashier she didnt know but she told me to walk upstairs to someone who knew about the stores merchandise. So i walk up the peachish carpet stairs and see this lady putting stuff in a box SO i asked her. she said it was of the hunger games, i told her i never watched the hunger games but i have a friend in Tennessee who loves it (disneyfreak) then the lady said i could buy it and send it to her. and after that we left. but i saw another park to the stairs. so i walked to it. the stairs turn around but had a very thin space that all you could drop through there was pieces of paper! so i went down the stairs and found myself in a home, and i saw a fully lit Christmas tree. Then i heard children of them and two parents. i had walked into a family Christmas celebration. They invited me to stay but i woke up before i found out what fun the party was!   what an ending for a dream and to think that most of these dreams happened while watching this video before i went to bed  *sigh* 
 what an interesting ending for  a journal too! yeah i know i know ITS SUPER LONG i cant cut it back for some reason i just dont think i can X( I AM TRYING!!!!! D:

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